The Village Between Lives

The Village Between Lives

  • AuthorKen Morita
  • PublisherTanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
  • Year2018

The Village between Lives series The following are other books about the Village between Lives (Japanese only): The Village between Lives 1 When I visited a village in China where many people remembered their past lives, the first thing I asked them was what death was like. Did they see a panorama of their lives when they died? Was there a place for reflecting on their lives? Did they choose their new parents? That was what I had been told so far. In this book, we meet someone who was eaten by a wolf at the age of nine and was reborn as a cow before being reborn as a human again. Another person was a drug dealer in their past life and was shot dead before being reborn. Another attended junior high school with her grandson/granddaughter from a past life. Another said not to invite the souls of the dead back during the Obon festival because the afterworld has everything they need. One woman went to meet the mother who killed her. Another person was reborn into the house next to their old one. The person who was reborn as a cow and then a person again went and thanked the person who had owned him when he was a cow. This memorable book features one incredible story after another.

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Book Title The Village Between Lives
Author Ken Morita
ISBN 978 9987 07 077 0
Edition Language KISWAHILI
Date Published 2018-10-20
Publisher Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
Pages 109
Chapters 6

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