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The book is titled “THE 100 WEAPONS FOR A LEADER”, published by Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd (TEPU) of P.O. Box 1222, Bukoba. The book made its first debut onto the Tanzanian Book market this week.
It is now my great pleasure to share this information with our readers, through the publication of said book.


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The 100 Weapons for a Leader
Pius B. Ngeze
978 9987 07 082 4
14.8cm x 21cm
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The 100 Weapons for a Leader are exceptional weapons of their own kind and are special. These weapons are different from the weapons we often see or hear of. They have been made so that they can shield a leader from attacks from his/her “enemies.” In this book, the word “leader” includes leaders of families, politics, government, religions, work, public institutions, companies and others. All these leaders experience attacks and blames of all kinds. So, if they want to continue leading, they need to possess weapons to defend themselves. These attacks and blames come from their fellow leaders, from people whom they lead and even from those who are not under their leadership. These attacks are there and they are real. And if he/she does not fight them by using these weapons, he/she will loose leadership or be removed from leadership by people who appointed, elected or selected them. The people being lead also need to know these weapons which have been made for their leaders. Once they know them, they will have known what to expect from their leaders.


Weapon One, Two and Three.

Know Yourself, know very well the Area, the People you Lead and Your Responsibilities.
Knowing yourself is to discover and know who you are regarding to your abilities to lead, your good, strong and weak qualities, your weaknesses, strengths etc.
Also, every leader leads people in a certain geographical area. That area may be a home of a family, hamlet, ward, street, division, county, constituency, district or nation. It may also be a company, diocese, church, state, mosque, parish, political party, co-operative union, a society or an NGO. After getting leadership, your first duty is to understand your job and its boundaries. If you were nominated or appointed, the appointing authority will provide……….

Weapon six and Seven

Respecting the retired Leaders, Old Peoples and put yourself in their Hands.
Retired leaders are those who were leaders before you in different posts/positions of leadership. There is no leader who leads alone. Normally, there are different leaders who co-operate with you in leading.
For sure, old people have huge experience and they have seen a lot. They still have a reserve of experience and wisdom. They no longer lust for being leaders or executives. But they have nationalism in them and …………

Weapon Nine, Ten and Eleven:

Not being an Unadvisable Person, Know the Importance of your Fellow Leaders, building and Strengthen Co-operation and Cohesion with your Fellow Leaders.
One of the qualities of a good leader is that of being advisable. A good leader be advisable. Advice discussed here is not only that from personal advisers, discussed in Weapon number Eight. Even ordinary citizen can advise you. There is no leader who can lead a given locality alone. Even a husband does not lead his family alone. He co-operates with his wife and his children when they are mature.
On the other hand, Co-operation and cohesion between you and your fellow leaders is a necessity which you must build. Without co-operation and cohesion, there is no peace and development and there is …………….

Weapon sixteen.

You should not be Uncompromising on your Stand on Issues just because you see yourself as the only Person who is Right over Others
When you become a leader, you find other leaders in different levels of leadership and new others will join you as a leader of your area of leadership. A leader is a mirror to the people he leads. His actions are imitable. One of the pillars of a leader is his marriage and family.

Weapon Eighteen and Nineteen.

Respect your Fellow Leaders, Marriage and Love your Family First
It is ignorance to see yourself as the only person who knows everything and who is right over others. You might excel other people in your locality in education, wealth, assets, experience etc, but, this does not make you a better person than others

Weapon Twenty-six

Believe in Equality and Universal Brotherhood with all Human Beings
See all human beings as your brothers and sisters. You are also a human being. All of us are the descendants of Adam and Eve. We are all the creatures of God and were created equally. Our basic needs are the same. We may be distinguished by gender, colour, nationality, faith or good education, wealth etc, but all these don’t disqualify us from being brothers and sisters.

Weapon Twenty-Nine and Thirty:

Listen to the People you lead and Speak to them Without Fear of Anybody.
If you want to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. You must not be a person in hurry. Listen to the people you lead, one by one, in a group of more than one in public and indoor meetings. Often ask some people (not relatives and friends) how people see you and what they say about you.

A people’s leader is one who is sympathetic, committed and who is close to them. For this reason, he is supposed to speak for them and to fight for them, without fear of anybody, against exploitation, oppression and denial of their rights. You should not ………………….

Weapon Thirty-One:

Fight for Peace and Development of your People Peace is freedom from disturbance.
Peace is when there is tranquility, calmness or no war. On the other hand, development is progress socially, economically and politically. In order to get development, there must prevail peace. Without peace among the people you lead, there will be no development because………

Weapon Thirty-Five:

Hate Corruption, because it is the Enemy of Justice and Peace.
Do not receive it or Give it to Anyone Corruption is the enemy of Justice. If there is no Justice, there is no Peace. Because of this, hate it. Do not receive it or give it in exchange of your rights or rights of other people. Corruption buys the rights of a person. Defend your people against any type of corruption. Educate your people on the negative effects of corruption. Shout at people who give corruption. Shout at people who demand corruption. Be a good example by refusing to………….

Weapon Forty-one:

Do not Praise Yourself even if you Deserve it Praise is given to a person or persons by another person or other persons.
A leader should not praise himself/herself publicly. Your duty is to work had for their development and be well mannered. These two attributes will make people you lead accord you praise. Never praise yourself in front of a person or persons. Do not call yourself “Honourable.”

Weapon Fifty-Seven.

Be a Role Model Leader in All Aspects of Life You should strive to be a role model in every aspect for your people.
These aspects can be good habits, good manners, excellent leadership, diligence at work, discipline, educating you etc. Remember that people learn from their leaders. If you are a bad example in the above aspects, some people, especially the youth, might imitate you, and that will be too bad.

Weapon Seventy:

You Should Not be Very Hot tempered and not Easily Angered Temper is the state of talking with fume
Hot temper is not good for a leader. However, temper on the lower scale is necessary for a leader. For example, you cannot realize that people under you or leaders of lower levels have not implemented your orders, or resolutions passed by a meeting or orders from above and not be angry or keep silent.

Weapon Seventy-One:

Be Happy and Celebrate Achievements of your People
To the extent possible, be happy and celebrate achievements of your people. Drum up, sing, eat and drink with them etc. In so doing, you will have cooperated with them in these events and your will have consolidated yourself with them. They will see you as being one of them.

Weapon Seventy-Six.

Do not do the business that involve Black marketing
Black marketing is buying or selling goods to people in other countries contrary to the laws of the country, often hiding the goods so that they don’t be seen by the government arms, that’s the police and other authorities. It is a prohibited type of business. Black marketing involves crops and crop products, animals and animal products, industrial products etc.

Weapon Eighty:

Do not use your Position of Leadership to Enrich yourself Speedily
To enrich one is not bad in itself. What is not allowed is to use your leadership to enrich yourself very speedily by all means, including using unlawful means, like doing black marketing business, involving yourself in armed robbery, soliciting corruption, selling illicit drugs, denying people their rights, doing injustice to your people etc.

Weapon Eighty-six:

Commit Yourself to Fight Poverty, Ignorance, Diseases and Oppression
Once you have been elected or appointed a leader, you have been given ample opportunity to serve your people in many different ways. Your duty is to commit yourself to fight poverty, ignorance, diseases and oppression of different types prevailing among your people. By your position, the opportunity is there for you to serve your people. Use it well and fully for the benefits of all the people. The letter will reward you in turn.
This book is must for every leader and every citizen. Also, this book itself is a Weapon because it is a container of the 100 Weapons for a Leader. Buy it, read it and think over these weapons carefully. Then, ask yourself: of These 100 Weapons, how many do I have?
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