Teach Yourself Kiswahili

Increase your English and Kiswahili Vocabularies.

Teach Yourself Kiswahili
Teach Yourself Kiswahili

Language is a communication tool. Language serves as an important means of communication for a wide range of activities pertaining to the community involved. Due to this importance, Swahili has been taught as a subject in schools and colleges. In addition, adults teach themselves or teach in Swahili in different countries of the world. For this purpose, this book has been specially formulated to help students and others who need to improve or improve their language skills. This book is a solid guide for students and other people who want to raise their level of English.

Teach Yourself Kiswahili, is a book written to target local people and foreigners who know English well, but they want / need to know Swahili. This language is currently spoken by more than 140 million people worldwide.

However, even people who know Swahili, need this book, so that they can write and speak standard English. Remember that not everyone who speaks, speaks and writes Swahili, knows this language fluently.

This book will help people to speak and write fluent Kiswahili. In addition, this book will add the English vocabulary to people who know English, but they do not know much of the English words.

Target groups of people

  • Tourists, foreign investors and business people from non-English speaking countries.
  • Staff at Embassies located in Swahili-speaking countries.
  • Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Secondary School Students and Students.
  • Service Providers in Swahili, eg. Police, Military, Prisons, etc.
  • Members of Parliament and staff of Parliament of various countries.
  • Government officials, in particular, in the countries that make up the East African Community.
  • Various people who want to develop and improve their Swahili language and those who want to add new English words.

Book Structure

The book is divided into 8 sections and each section contains one or more lessons. Total Subjects are 45. The sections are the following:

  1. Introducing Swahili
  2. Swahili structure
  3. Everyday phrases, Frequently used words and vocabulary
  4. Agriculture
  5. Military Service
  6. Police Force and Law
  7. Parliament
  8. Country and Nationality

The foundations and best principles in each topic have been extensively analyzed. In addition, the book does not compel the reader to rely on the assistant but the great teacher is the book itself. The book also builds upon the student the art of curiosity and discovery This book is very useful for students and all people who want to learn and graduate in Swahili

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