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TEPU is a private company, limited by shares. It has a Board of Directors headed by a Chairman and a Management headed by a Managing Director. It has Five departments namely; Publishing, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing & Monitoring and Information Technology (IT).

Commitment: Since our establishment we continue investing in knowledge, through book publishing, for betterment of people’s livelihoods and quality of their lives. We aim at raising the standard of living of the farmers and non-farmers and quality education of their children for the prosperity of the countries in Africa.

Language: Our Books are written in Kiswahili and English.

Translation: Should a customer need a certain book written in Kiswahili to be translated into English, we can do that.

Co-publshing: We invite inquires from anybody on co-publishing any of our books or negotiations on other "rigths".

TEPU is a member of the Publishers Association of Tanzania.