Tittle Book: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

Author: Wilson Ngambeki William

ISBN: 978  9987  07  061  9

Year of Publication: 2017

Brief summary

This book presents basic concepts in Analytical  Chemistry. It presents a simple and concise account of Statistical and Analytical data reporting, quantitative and qualitative analysis, separation  of  compounds and interference  species, complex 

sampling,  acids  and  bases, principle of chromatography as  a tool for separation and analysis using  biological reactivity to separate materials based on size, mass, and  density. Detailed worked out questions have been presented to enable students to comprehend quickly all intended knowledge in each  chapter  at this level. The author is sure that this book will certainly prove its worth for undergraduate students who are Analytical  Chemistry students.

 The author is a Senior Lecturer of Chemistry (Organometallics, Organic and Analytical). He holds BSc.Ed (Hons), MSc Chemistry degree from University of Dar es salaam and PhD in Chemistry from the University of New Mexico, USA.