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For many generations, stories have been told by all tribes on earth. Some are funny, while others are frightening or disturbing. Each story told has a lesson to man, so that he may develop a moral character. Stories fall into different categories: there are those about man, which basically speak on marriage and traditional rulers: their achievements, failures, cruelty, hunting powers and his ways of life and behaviour. There are those telling about animals. Our forefatherís first encountered animals during hunting expeditions. As they observed various animals escaping enemies or stealing crops in the fields, people were able to distinguish clever and foolish animals. In this way they developed stories. The Roaring Lion and other Stories is a book of seven traditional stories. They are told in an easy way to understand. The youth are encouraged to read these and other such stories and treasure them. Such stories are disappearing because the young parents and grandparents do not know them and their children have no time to sit down with old people, who know them, to listen to them.