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Reading Comprehension Passages: Congolese Tales, Teacherís Guide, is a Guide for Teachers to help students use the Studentís book. It contains key answers to some questions and exercises in connection with the tales. There are no answers to the Discussion points because they are made up with provocative statements. These statements give rise to opinions which are proper to each studentís sensitivity and perception of things. They stimulate studentsí responses in free activities. As for the way of reading the tales in the classroom, before reading, the teacher will have recourse to pre-reading tasks. They help students focusing attention on ideas and key words and the silent reading has to be privileged because it helps students to concentrate more on ideas than on pronunciation and into nation unfamiliar to them. About the way of dealing with the discussion points, teachers will divide students into pairs or into small groups. They will be active animations going from groups to groups, offering discrete suggestions. They will let students give frein to their imagination more freely in expressing their opinions in summarizing the tales and in giving continuations to some tales.