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Marriage is one of the most beautiful institutions God created for the procreation of mankind and the sustenance of the earth. A man and woman are meant to come together in perfect harmony, with each person complimenting the other to achieve a common destiny. This male and female union, when properly knit together with common purpose and bonded with the belt of love, is transformed into an unstoppable force that go to great lengths and great heights together. Marriage is the core of family, the starting point and bedrock of society, when conceived, nurtured and established gives strength to families, communities, society and humanity at large. To get married is one thing, but, how long the marriage lasts is a completely different matter. Marriages do fall apart, ending up in divorce. Divorce is the last thing in the minds of couples before they get married, but, the reality is, many marriages do fail. And this happens when over months and even years, they have been living together as co-inhabitants instead of living as soul mates.