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Chemistry has great contribution to the world. Chemistry provides thousands of raw materials to get finished products that help keep you safe, warm, cool, on time, in motion, and connected. From heart monitors to satellites to cell phones to microwave ovens to synthetic fibers, packed food items to medicine chemistry makes the things that make modern life possible. Todayís world would be inconceivable without the developments that chemistry and its applications have brought to science, engineering and technology. The achievements of chemistry are omnipresent. Students at universities definitely require chemical knowledge for their better understanding and academic performance. It is understood that a chemistry book comprising many aspects of chemistry is greatly needed by the students of the universities. This book has been written keeping in mind the requirements of chemistry students at University level comprising of General chemistry, Periodic Table of elements, d and f block elements, Coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, Electrochemistry and Environmental Chemistry. The book will be helpful to the students, as it is prepared to cater to the needs of the students, keeping in mind the relevance of each contents of the U G courses toward better understanding of the subject and with illustration including suitable figures, tables, and examples of structures and configurations of the complexes with simple presentation formats.